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 1. Atif Aslam
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Album: My Maudlin Career - 2009
New Songs - Camera Obscura : My Maudlin Career
Careless Love
Forests And Sands
French Navy
Honey In The Sun
The Sweetest Thing
Album: Let's Get Out Of This Country - 2006
New Songs - Camera Obscura : Let's Get Out Of This Country
Come Back Margaret
Country Mile
Dory Previn
I Need All The Friends I Can Get
If Looks Could Kill
Let's Get Out Of This Country
Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken
Razzle Dazzle Rose
Tears For Affairs
The False Contender
Album: Underachievers Please Try Harder - 2003
New Songs - Camera Obscura : Underachievers Please Try Harder
A Sisters Social Agony
Before You Cry
Books Written For Girls
Footloose And Fancy Free
I Don't Want To See You
Keep It Clean
Knee Deep At The Npl
Let Me Go Home
Lunar Sea
Number One Son
Underachievers Please Try Harder
Your Picture
Album: Biggest Bluest Hi-fi - 2001
New Songs - Camera Obscura : Biggest Bluest Hi-fi
Anti Western
Arrangements Of Shape And Space
Double Feature
Eighties Fan
Happy New Year
I Don't Do Crowds
Let's Go Bowling
Pen And Notebook
Shine Like A New Pin
Swimming Pool
The Sun On His Back

Other songs
A Red, Red Rose
Amigo Mío
I Love My Jean
Marathon Not A Sprint
San Francisco Song
Suspended From Class

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