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Bed Lyrics
My head is lead I don't want to ever go to bed
Your hair is on fire
You snuff the blaze turn to vapor and you float away
We got into a bad fight
Laid her on the bed [X6]

My eyes are lungs of the prophet and speak in tongues
I know how you die
Your sister crumbles oh your serpents to the holy throne
To me she is just a dead spy

Laid her on the bed [x3]
Lie to all your friends [X4]

I don't know what you feel like
ambushed on the root, stole your gold and you laugh
Everything that you own starts to pile up
Like bones make the walls of your prison

Laid her on the bed [X3]
I don't want to ever go to bed

Stay out for the fight
The champ goes down like a clown in the second round
I wish we had a bed we could have brought
Lie to all your friends [X7]


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