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Album: 25 - 2012
New Songs - Blues Traveler : 25
100 Years
After What
Amber Awaits
Back In The Day
But Anyway
Carolina Blues
Didn't Mean To Wake Up
Girl Inside My Head
Ny Prophesie
The Mountains Win Again
Trust In Trust
Unable To Get Free
What's For Breakfast
Album: ¬°Bastardos! - 2005
New Songs - Blues Traveler : ¬°Bastardos!
After What
Amber Awaits
Can't Win True Love
Leaning In
Money Back Guarantee
She And I
She Isn't Mine
That Which Doesn't Kill You
The Children Of The Night
What Could Possibly Go Wrong
You Can't Stop Thinking About Me
Album: Truth Be Told - 2003
New Songs - Blues Traveler : Truth Be Told
Can't See Why
Let Her & Let Go
Mount Normal
My Blessed Pain
Partner In Crime
Stumble & Fall
Sweet & Broken
The One
Thinnest Of Air
This Ache
Unable To Get Free
Album: Bridge - 2001
New Songs - Blues Traveler : Bridge
All Hands
Back In The Day
Decision Of The Skies
Girl Inside My Head
Just For Me
Pretty Angry
Sadly A Fiction
The Way
You Lost Me There
You Reach Me
You're Burning Me
Album: Run Around - 1997
New Songs - Blues Traveler : Run Around
Featherhead & Lucky Lack
Regarding Steven
The Poignant Epic Saga of Featherhead & Lucky Lack
Trust in Trust
Album: Straight on Till Morning - 1997
New Songs - Blues Traveler : Straight on Till Morning
Battle of Someone
Business as Usual
Canadian Rose
Carolina Blues
Great Big World
Justify The Thrill
Last Night I Dreamed
Make My Way
Most Precarious
Psycho Joe
The Gunfighter
Album: Live from The Fall - 1996
New Songs - Blues Traveler : Live from The Fall
100 Years
But Anyway
Closing Down The Park
Crash Burn
Go & Gt
Love Greed
Low & Gt
Mountain Cry
Mountains Win
Mulling It Over
Ny Prophesie
Regarding Steven
Album: Four - 1994
New Songs - Blues Traveler : Four
Brother John
Crash Burn
Just Wait
Look Around
Price to Pay
The Good Bad, & The Ugly
The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
The Mountains Win Again
Album: Save His Soul - 1993
New Songs - Blues Traveler : Save His Soul
Believe Me
Bullshitter's Lament
Conquer Me
Defense & Desire
Defense Desire
Go Outside & Drive
Go Outside Drive
Letter from a Friend
Love & Greed
Love Greed
Love of My Life
Manhattan Bridge
Ny Prophesie
Save His Soul
Trina Magna
Album: Travelers & Thieves - 1991
New Songs - Blues Traveler : Travelers & Thieves
All in The Groove
I Have My Moments
Ivory Tusk
Mountain Cry
Optimistic Thought
Support Your Local Emperor
Sweet Pain
The Best Part
The Tiding
What's for Breakfast
Album: Blues Traveler - 1990
New Songs - Blues Traveler : Blues Traveler
100 Years
But Anyway
Crystal Flame
Dropping Some Nyc
Gotta Get Mean
Mulling It Over
Slow Change
Sweet Talking Hippie
Warmer Days

Other songs
4th of July
Ain't That Life
All up to You
American Way
And So It Goes
Annie Laurie
Anything Goes
As We Wonder
Bad to The Bone
Best Be on My Way
Black Cat Jam
Blister in The Sun
Can't Get a Light
Carry Me Home
Chan's Groove
Christmas Blues
Circle of The Rings
Cleopatra's Cat
Come Together
Corn Mash Blues
Cracks in The Stone
Decision of The Skies
Defense & Desire
Didn't Mean to Wake Up
Do I Move You
Dream On
Faith in You
Fallen Empire
Far Away
Feelin' Groovy
Five to One
Get Out of Denver
Get Out Today
Glory Glory
Glory, Glory
Go Outside & Drive
Going up to The Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue
Hard to Exist
Her Me
Hey Joe
Hi Heeled Sneakers
Hit The Road, Jack
Home is Where You Are
Hurdy Gurdy Fandango
I Want to Take You Higher
I've Been Working on The Railroad
In The Name of a Cause
Jonesin' Prayin'
Just for Me
Louie Louie
Love & Greed
Low Rider
Maybe I'm Wrong
Midnight Hour
Mind to Ramble
Miss You
Moonlight Serenade
Mother Funker
My Only Regret
Never a Lover & Always The Friend
Out Of My Hands
Outta My Hands
Princeton Eyes
Put Your Lollipop Away
Rag Mama Rag
Rock Me Baby
Run Around
Secret Agent Man
Severe Infatuation
She Caught The Katy
Shotgun Shell
Should I Stay or Should I Go
Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
Sick of It All
Silent Night
Some Things I Will Not Pretend
Spinning Spiraling Machine
Star Spangled Banner
Sweet Home Chicago
The Conga
The Devil Went Down to Georgia
The Heavens Get Pissed
The Joker
The Light in Her Eyes
The Path
The Poignant & Epic Saga Of Featherhead And Lucky Lack
The Star-spangled Banner
The Way
The Weight
Time is Free
To Fro
Traveler Suite
Trust In Me
Wang Dang Doodle
Weird Chick
What Do You Want from Me?
When Johnny Comes Marching Home
When The Levee Breaks
Who Do You Love
With You
Wouldn't It Make You Mad
You Rescued Me

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