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Album: Crossroads: 2010 - 2010
New Songs - Bizzy Bone : Crossroads: 2010
American Soldier
Army On The Way
Automatic Rewind
Bottled Up Like Smoke
Gangsta Music
Last Call: Fallen
So Cool
The Soul
Album: Back With The Thugz - 2009
New Songs - Bizzy Bone : Back With The Thugz
End Of This World
I Wanna Sing
On That Natural High
Thats Why Thugs Never Cry
Woman Keep Watching Me
Album: A Song For You - 2008
New Songs - Bizzy Bone : A Song For You
A Song For You
Crossroad Outro
I Need You
I Truly Believe
I'm The One
Mercy Mary
Muddy Waters
What Have I Learned
Album: Ruthless - 2008
New Songs - Bizzy Bone : Ruthless
Intro (Layzie Dedication)
Album: Trials & Tribulations - 2007
New Songs - Bizzy Bone : Trials & Tribulations
A Thugz Prayer
Let The Haters Know
Trust & Believe (Outro)
Album: Thugs Revenge - 2006
New Songs - Bizzy Bone : Thugs Revenge
Don't Be Fake
Feel My Soul
For The Homies
Get Ya, Get Ya
Jealousy Breeds Envy
Light Up The Spliff
Ridin In The Streets
What Are We Seeing
When We Ride
Album: The Story - 2006
New Songs - Bizzy Bone : The Story
All Day, All Night
Bizzy's Story
It's Only Me
Maybe You Can Hold Me
One Time
Play It Again
So What Cha' Sayin
The Future Thugs-N-Harmony
They Don't Know
When I See
Album: The Midwest Cowboy - 2006
New Songs - Bizzy Bone : The Midwest Cowboy
All We Can Be
Around The World
Blown Away
Come, Go, See, Know
Doin' It Wrong
I Must Fess Up
If The Sky Falls
It's The Light
Lovey, Dovey
Thugs Need Love Too
We Come Right Away
What Do We Say?
Wit A $20 Dolla Bill
Album: Evolution Of Elevation - 2006
New Songs - Bizzy Bone : Evolution Of Elevation
Evolution Of Elevation
Know All About You
To The Top
Album: Speaking In Tongues - 2005
New Songs - Bizzy Bone : Speaking In Tongues
All Good
Bald Head Horse Man
BB Da Thug
Beauty (You Just A Rose)
Carry My Baby
He Told Me
Hold Me Down
Less Fame
Represent Da One
Seeing Things
Shake Ya Stick
What U See
Album: For The Fans Vol. 1 - 2005
New Songs - Bizzy Bone : For The Fans Vol. 1
Have You Ever Been Lonely
Who Tha Thug
Album: Alpha And Omega - 2004
New Songs - Bizzy Bone : Alpha And Omega
All In Togehter
Better Run, Better Hide
Died 4 U
Everywhere I Go
I Understand
My Niggaz
Not Afraid
Sit Back Relax
Tha Streets
Thug World
We Play
Album: The Beginning And The End - 2004
New Songs - Bizzy Bone : The Beginning And The End
? Do We Die And Prayer
Feelin' Lovely
Head To The Ground
Hellafied Game
Hit The Reefah
Satan's Disciples
Stress Builds
Try Hustle Me
Weed Song
Album: The Gift - 2001
New Songs - Bizzy Bone : The Gift
Be Careful
Before I Go
Don't Be Dumb
Don't Doubt Me
Fried Day
Never Grow
Still Thuggish Ruggish
Time Passing Us By
Voices In The Head
Whole Wide World
Album: Heaven'z Movie - 1998
New Songs - Bizzy Bone : Heaven'z Movie
(The Roof Is) On Fire
Brain on Drugs
Demons Surround Me
Marchin' on Washington
Menensky Mobbin'
Mr. Majesty II
Nobody Can Stop Me
On Fire
On The Freeway
Roll Call
Social Studios
Thugz Cry
Waitin' for Warfare
Yes Yes Y'all

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