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Album: Bang Bang Boom Boom - 2012
New Songs - Beth Hart : Bang Bang Boom Boom
Baddest Blues
Bang Bang Boom Boom
Better Man
Caught Out In The Rain
Everything Must Change
Spirit Of God
Swing My Thing Back Around
The Ugliest House On The Block
There In Your Heart
Thru The Window Of My Mind
With You Everyday

Other songs
Ain't No Way
Am I The One
Am I The One?
At the Bottom
Blame The Moon
Bottle Of Jesus
Broken & Ugly
Broken & Ugly
Burn Chile
By Her
Delicious Surprise
Delicious Surprise (I Believe It)
Don't Explain
Favorite Things
For My Friends
G. 0. P.
Get Your Shit Together
Girls Say
God Bless You
Hiding Under Water
Hold Me Through The Night
House of Sin
I'll Stay With You
I'll Take Care of You
If God Only Knew
Is That Too Much to Ask
Is That Too Much To Ask?
Jacky's Ging
Just a Little Hole
L.A. Song
LA Song
Lay Your Hands On Me
Learning To Live
Leave The Light On
Life Is Calling
Lifts You Up
Monkey Back
My California
Over You
Prisoner Of Love
Sinner's Prayer
Sky Full Of Clover
Sky is Falling
Something's Got a Hold on Me
Spiders In My Bed
State Of Mind
Summer Is Gone
Take It Easy On Me
Wild Horses
World Without You

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