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Album: Checkmate - 2000
Ah Ha
Bounce With Me
Change The World
Get in Line
Gun Slinger
He Used 2 Be a Man
Hennessy Xtc
I Know
Run With My Chopper
This Nigga Die
To My People
What's That Smell
Album: B. G. 'z True Story - 1999
Fuck Big Boy
Fuck These Hoez
Get on My Feet
True Story
Album: Chopper City in The Ghetto - 1999
'bout My Paper
Bling Bling
Cash Money is an Army
Cash Money Roll
Dog Ass
Hard Times
Knock Out
Made Man
Niggas in Trouble
Play'n It Raw
Real Niggaz
Trigga Play
Uptown My Home
With Tha B. G.
Album: Chopper City - 1997
All on U
Bat a Bitch
Doing Bad
Niggas Don't Understand
Niggas in Trouble
Play'n & Laugh'n
So Much Death
Uptown Thang
Wheel Chairs
Album: It's All on U 1 - 1997
'n' My City
Cash Money Niggaz
Fuck These Hoez
Get Your Shine On
Let's Get Funky
Ride 2 Night
Round My Way
Uptown Thang
Album: It's All on U 2 - 1997
'u' All 'n'
Clean up Man
Get Your Shine On
Hot Boys 226
I'm Tryin'
Livin' Legend
Plan Went Sour
Ride or Die
Stay 'n' Line Hoe
What Ya Wanna Do?

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Mr. Fantastic
Press One
Reed Richards
Rollin' Raw

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