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Album: San Francisco - 1994
Can You Help Me?
Cape Canaveral
Hello Amsterdam
How Many Six Packs Does It Take
I Broke My Promi
I'll Be Gone
In The Shadow of The Valley
It's Your Birthday
Love Doesn't Belong
The Revolving Door
The Thorn in My Side is Gone
What Holds The World Together
Album: Mercury - 1993
Apology for an Accident
Dallas, Airports, Bodybags
Gratitude Walks
Hollywood 4-5-92
I've Been a Mess
If I Had a Hammer
Johnny Mathis' Feet
Keep Me Around
Over & Done
The Hopes & Dreams of Heaven's 10,000 Whores
What Godzilla Said to God when His Name Wasn't Found in The Book of Life
Will You Find Me?
Album: Everclear - 1991
Jesus' Hands
Miracle on 3rd St.
Royal Cafe
Sick of Food
The Confidential Agent
The Dead Part of You
What The Pillar of Salt Held Up
Why Won't You Stay?
Album: United Kingdom - 1990
Animal Pen
Dreamers of The Dream
Heaven of Your Hands
Here They Roll Down
Hula Maiden
Never Mind
The Dream is Gone
United Kingdom
Album: California - 1988
Bad Liquor
Blue Grey Shirt
Highway 5
Last Harbor
Laughing Stock
Now You're Defeated
Pale Skinny Girl
Western Sky
Album: Engine - 1987
At My Mercy
Big Night
Electric Light
Gary's Song
Mom's Tv
Outside This Bar
The Art of Love
This Year

Other songs
Elbow Deep
I Just Took My Two Sleeping Pills
I Just Took My Two Sleeping Pills And
In My Role as The Most Hated Singer
Memo from Aquatic Park
The Amyl Nitrate Dreams of Pat Robertson
The President's Test for Physical Fitness
The Right Thing

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