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Turn Up Lyrics

They told me where you keep your money for the niggers' hate
I thought I told you trust nobody out of my 38
Fuck a nigger …it's just me and all this money I'll be ok
.. hard each and every day
Thinking of a master plan I .. my life from hate
Very rapid .. mother fucker ..
All you rest will be watching stashing in the face
Never trust a nigger even in his face
Kept a secret from me that's another …
Prices on your head show up when you wait
Cold bloody killer call up to the feds
Don't nobody fly fuck them got away
Happy New Year's Eve have a nice day
Money is the motive nothing mediocre
Keep that pussy popping like a .. soda
Let her ride dick come and be my show girl
Heavy money .. I need a bulldozer
Keep away the hate I can't stand the order
We are just getting started in the …


They told me where you keep your money for the niggers' hate
Me and … in your way
Real myth fuck …
We've been popping in this bitch until they come get us
Turn up (repeats)
I wish your nigger were
Turn up (repeats)

Fuck the other side
Bitch I am going ham
I could ..
So rock your hand
Nothing can taste good
…cause I taste good
Me and my niggers make move
It's going down by my foolish
.. keep it moving
..with a bad ass with a deep …
My outfit is so .. my true game is so hard
.. nigger that's your whole show
Music all away turned on .. my cellphone keep ..
Gotta bad bitch I'm go fuck
My .. my eyes shine real hard
Niggers acting real hard
That beef shit …
Pop up with that … shit
Thinking I ain't your .. shit
Don't give a fuck who hit
They told me where you keep your money for the niggers' hate



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